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We’re on a mission to reach all of India with the Gospel. Join us.

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Village pastors on a mission.

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Help a village child succeed.

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India — A land of need.

India needs the Gospel. Serve India Ministries works with independent pastors in 17 states of India.
Through partnership, biblical training, and ministry tools, we equip these pastors to reach India with the Gospel.

How We Help a Village Pastor

A Village Pastor

A Village Pastor

He is alone in ministry – struggling to feed his family, disciple his church members, and evangelize his village.



Serve India Ministries gives a pastor biblical training, a godly mentor who provides accountability, fellowship with other pastors,  money for ministry, ministry tools, and an enlarged vision.

Multiplied Ministry

Multiplied Ministry

New believers, new churches, villages reached. After five years, Serve India steps away, and the independent pastor continues to grow his ministry.

Working in 17 States of India
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Andrew rubbed his weary head. The day’s earnings sat before him in a small heap. As usual, it wasn’t much. Nothing in his life seemed like much, except work. He had never amounted to much at school, so he did not continue going to school beyond eighth grade. Now, day... read more