Note: Names have been changed

“This is the land the Lord has given me. And this is my time. I must win the people for Him.”

Pastor Kumar

Pastor Kumar is reaching some of the hardest to reach people in North India. Trusting in God’s call, he diligently presses on, sharing God’s word and teaching other Christians how to bring Christ’s love to others.

500 Million People
Unreached Peoples

Unreached People Groups

India has over 2,000 unreached people groups. Unreached means they have never heard the Gospel, and there is almost no one who could even bring that Gospel to them because of language or cultural barriers. In the Northern states of India alone, there are over 400 million unreached people – more than the entire United States.

Serve India Ministries is dedicated to reaching all of India, including the hardest to reach places. We do this by finding national pastors like Pastor Kumar. When their vision matches ours, we join hands with them. And we help them reach the people God has called them to reach – even those people in difficult places.

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