Archive | October 2012

Why the Name “Give the Gift of Hope?”

Many of India’s 1.2 Billion people live in spiritual hopelessness. Hopelessness that comes from not knowing Jesus Christ. Serve India Ministries equips native pastors with biblical training and outreach tools to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our year-end campaign... read more

Reaching the Villages in India in Four Vital Ways

Serve India Ministries has a vision to reach thousands of unreached villages in India with the hope of the Gospel. The goal of our year-end “Giving the Gift of Hope” campaign is to raise $100,000 to invest in reaching India for Christ. The “Giving the Gift of Hope”... read more

From Biscuit-Making to Church Planting

Laviesh’s healing led him to Jesus, and compelled him to leave his occupation and embrace a vision of church planting.  Laviesh winced in pain as he moved through the biscuit factory. His left leg was a constant problem. The pain was chronic, and becoming increasingly... read more