Andrea shares a playful moment with some village children.

Andrea, the Egg Project Director, is passionate about helping Indian children find hope in Christ.

Every day, she works towards this end. She often visits the various Egg Project centers run by Serve India pastors. There, she meets village children and talks with them.

In the areas where The Egg Project works, many of the children come from very poor families.

Their parents work in the fields from dawn to dusk. Andrea says that her heart goes out to these children. “I really want to help them. I want to help them realize their dreams.” But many of these children do not think they can rise above their meager surroundings.

The children often are frustrated and discouraged in their education.

She finds that many of these children cannot do their homework because no one can help them. They are often confused and get low grades at school because their parents are illiterate and cannot help them.

At the Egg Project, one of the primary ways the tutors show in the love of Christ in a very tangible way is helping the children with homework. By sitting down beside them, and gently explaining the math problem or reading difficulty, they show the children that it is possible to succeed.

But the biggest burden on Andrea’s heart is the children’s need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

She says, “I’ve always known Jesus all my life. And I know in my heart, if they were to know Jesus, and if they were to know the hope that He can give them, and also, give them the strength and the courage to go through every day of their lives, that would make a difference.”

And so, one by one, Andrea and the tutors in Egg Project centers across India are reaching into the hearts of needy Indian children and planting seeds of hope.

Planting seeds of Christ’s love. Awakening dreams. And empowering those children to achieve their dreams. Because of the Egg Project, children in villages across India are finding Christ and finding hope.

For $36, you can give a child an entire year in an Egg Project center.

Support the Egg Project – because India’s children matter.