Across India, native pastors invest in village children through the Egg Project.

Pastor Singh smiled. It was going to be a wonderful day. After countless months of tutoring sessions with the children in this village, the children were going to present their lessons to their parents.

Day after day, he and other tutors had bent their heads over slates with children, helping them write sentences, compute math problems, and read their lessons.

Day after day, they had energetically told the children Bible stories, taught them action songs, and helped them memorize Scripture. They had watched the children grow in “wisdom, stature, and favor, with God and man.” They had seen God answer the little children’s prayers that were voiced out of faith-filled hearts. And they had seen the children share their new-found faith with their parents. Day after day, Pastor Singh and the tutors sowed the seeds of the Gospel into the hearts of the children under their care.

Now today, Pastor Singh and his helpers had the opportunity to share the same seeds of the Gospel with the children’s parents.

At the scheduled time, the children and their parents gathered at the center. In front of the parents, Pastor Singh conducted Bible quizzes and Scripture recitation contests. Many of the children won little prizes for their hard work and excellent performances.

The laughing children eagerly presented to their parents, squealed with glee over the little prizes, and enthusiastically participated in the games held for them later in the day.

Pastor Singh shared the Gospel with the children’s parents during the day’s program, and rejoiced to see the Word of God go forth effectively.

Pastor Singh says, “I am so grateful that the Lord used me as an instrument in establishing the tutoring center in this village. Because most of the people in this village are illiterate or have studied very little, they are unable to help their children in their studies….”

“The tutoring center in this village is a great blessing for them.”

“The parents of the children are very happy to see their children improve in their studies. Since the center was started, the parents welcome me into their homes and allow me to share the Gospel with them. Please continue to pray for my ministry and for my family.”

Day after day, Pastor Singh continues ministering to the children and families of his village.

He labors faithfully and pours himself into the dozens of young hearts entrusted to his care – because India’s children matter.

You can support a native pastor like Singh for $35/month, and enable him to bring the Gospel to more villages.

Or, you can invest in an Indian child – for a one-time gift of $36, you can give a child an entire year in a tutoring center. Support a pastor, or bring hope to a child – because India’s children matter.