Serve India field leaders: taking the people of God, and teaching them the Word of God, so that they can fulfill the plan of God.

Throughout Scripture, God raised up men to lead His people.

These men took the people of God, and taught them the Word of God, so that they could fulfill the plan of God.

Moses. Josiah. Nehemiah. And more.

Today, God continues to raise up leaders.

In India, we look to the men who are on the front lines of ministry as the leaders.

Well-trained pastors who have led their own congregations for years, they are now placed over dozens of pastors.

With a passion for truth and a confidence in their God, they are overseeing the spread of the Gospel message to people groups who have never heard it before.

Like Moses, they face difficulties as they work with other human beings. Like Josiah, they realize their failures and fall on their faces before God. And like Nehemiah, they press on – knowing that the hand of their God is “upon them for good,” and God will complete the work that He began.

Today, Serve India’s field leaders in India support over 3,800 village pastors – a number that will grow significantly this year. By traveling to village after village, they selflessly pour themselves into the native pastors who work on the front lines.

These men are taking the people of God, and teaching them the Word of God, so that they can fulfill the plan of God.

To continue this model of older, biblically equipped men training and discipling village pastors, we support the field leader’s livelihood and ministry expenses.

With our support, these leaders can continue to find, train, and raise up pastors who will proclaim the Gospel in villages that have never heard of Jesus.

So what about you?

Will you join these men who are leading their people?

Today, you can make an incredible impact on the cause of the Gospel in India by giving to our “Leaders Fund.”


  1. Help a leader equip one hundred pastors for a month with a gift of $250.
  2. Give a gift of any size to “Where Most Needed” to help spread the Gospel in India.