God's message of hope is being proclaimed in India every day by native pastors!

The mission of Serve India may not be the first thing you think of when the subject of Christmas comes up. But today, we’d like to suggest that maybe it should.

You see, God­’s message of hope, love and transformation that was foretold for millennia and fulfilled that very first Christmas night in Bethlehem is being proclaimed every moment of every day in India by Serve India pastors.

Serve India­’s 4,224 pastors in 20,000 villages are seeking to plant churches among the unreached people groups of India.

They are studying God­’s Word and preparing to take its living, life-changing truth to the lost and dying in India. They visit house to house, pray for the sick and share the hope that is found in Christ.

The very fact that Serve India exists in spite of so much opposition to Christ in India is a miracle.

And when you choose to support the work God is doing here, you become a very real, important part of that miracle.

Will you please prayerfully take your next step with Serve India Ministries with a year-end gift to keep the miracle of Serve India going, so more lives can be changed through the Gospel?

Your gift by Midnight, December 31st will help meet very real needs here at the end of the calendar year.

Our goal is to start 2016 ready to equip more pastors to grow their ministries and to reach people for Christ. Your timely response will help us do that!

The amazing story of Kishun, a Serve India pastor, is just one example of the miraculous work God is doing in India. Told at a young age that he would be a cripple for life, this courageous Christ-follower now carries the Gospel to dozens of villages in his region of North India.

Your gift today can prepare more pastors like Kishun to share God’­s love in India.

These men of God are gladly giving risking their lives for Christ.

As Christmas nears, we invite you to take your next step with Serve India Ministries by prayerfully giving a gift to help a pastor like Kishun.

Yes, I want to take the next step!