Today, Serve India launches its year-end campaign!

Celebrating the work and sacrifice of native pastors across India, “Take the Next Step” invites you to join those pastors in their incredible mission!

As they walk to proclaim Christ to more and more villages, we invite you to come alongside of them.

While you may not be able to go climb the North Indian mountains and preach the Gospel, you can support a native pastor who can.

For $35/month, sponsor a pastor.

Your gift will equip him with training, accountability, tools for ministry, and a ministry stipend.

And if you can’t engage in full-time missions work, you can still be a part of it by supporting the work.

Give a gift of any size to help reach India with the Gospel.

We are excited about what God is doing in India through our 4,224 pastors that are on the field.

Week after week, as they travel from village to village, the Gospel goes forth. As they traverse deserts, mountains, slum streets and jungle paths, these pastors continue to take the next step to reach India with the Gospel – and we don’t want them to do it alone!

During the campaign, we invite you to come meet Pastor Kishun.

Check out the campaign page!

And join us in taking the next step with thousands of pastors across India.