A native pastor passes out tracts to villagers in North India.

Planting churches. Changing lives. Proclaiming the Gospel.

Every day, across India, this is happening through the faithful work of our native pastors. Here are some reports from several of our pastors on the field in Central India:

“I praise God for giving me five villages to work in. Apart from this I am also pastoring three churches with a total of 55 believers! Please pray that the Lord will help me train them effectively and help them stand firm in their faith.” – Pastor Shikar

“I praise God for the ministry He has blessed me with. Apart from the four churches He has helped me plant in the villages, I am currently working in five more villages. All these five villages have Sunday schools, three have Fellowship Groups and one village has a church. Please keep all these villages in your prayer. In one village, 95% of the people there are alcoholics. They work in stone quarries and spend all their daily wages on drinking. Their families live in abject poverty. But I praise God for the eight people in this village who have received Jesus into their lives. Please pray the Lord will use me to reach out to more villages.” – Pastor Gangaiah

“Rangamma, a 52-year-old lady, used to come to my main church. When she accepted Jesus as her personal Savior, we were able to start a fellowship group in her village. Today, 19 people come together there and worship the Lord.” – Pastor Janam

Our facilitator in this field shares:

“I praise God for this year of 2016. It’s our aim to reach 38 villages this year [in this district]…. As pastors in this district, we recognize the need of the people here. It is our prayer that the Lord will use us to bring hope into the lives of the people and to help those of them in need. Please keep our group in your prayers as we set out every day to bring the Gospel to the villages we have targeted!” – Pastor Satish

Are there many obstacles? Yes. Are there many dangers? Yes. But we know that the Gospel will triumph.

Thus, “We are able to march forward with confidence because we know that He who was faithful in blessing our efforts and raised 7,210 new congregations besides taking us into 21,516 more villages, will lead us to greater victories in this new year.” – Brother Ebey

At Serve India, we are on a mission to reach all of India with Gospel. Join us.

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