Please pray for the families of the victims of the countless landslides caused by incessant rains over a month’s time in Uttarakhand, India. The huge cloudbursts that occurred just recently in some of the areas of the state have caused immense damages and 29 people have been reported killed so far.


In Uttarakhand, which is called as the abode of the gods, there are at least 36 major Hindu pilgrim centers. Just four of those holy places received in excess of 1.3 million pilgrims in a month’s period this year. Out  of the 30 million tourists that visit this state annually, 70% are believed to be pilgrims. Forty of our national church planters work in two different areas of this state.


They are all safe by God’s grace and they would appreciate your prayers particularly for those affected by this natural calamity and for their ongoing work among the unreached of Uttarakhand.