Today in India, native pastors are giving. They’re giving the Gospel. They’re giving hope. They’re giving Jesus – to people in villages who have never before heard of Him.

Today in America, we celebrate #GivingTuesday, a day for giving back. Why is this so exciting? It’s because we have the opportunity to give the greatest gift ever given – the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Through giving to the work of native pastors who are spreading this Gospel, we can impact lives for eternity.

Consider what a Serve India pastor in South India shared:

“I want to tell people about Jesus every day.

If I don’t, they will go to hell.

I know that God’s love kept me

from committing suicide.

I want to help bring God’s love to others.

This is why I go to the villages every day.” – Jeyapal

Right now, there are over 5,700 men of God like Jeyapal are working with Serve India on the field. These men who are willing to pay whatever price is necessary to give the Gospel to their unreached neighbors in India. They’re giving themselves, their families, and their lives to this cause.

The need is great. India has (by far) more unreached people than any other nation on earth. Native pastor know that, which is why they are giving so much.

Today, God is accomplishing a mighty work through Jeyapal and the other Serve India supported national pastors as they give.

They’re giving the Gospel. They’re giving hope. They’re giving Jesus.

And if you give to them, they can give more.

 This #GivingTuesday, give a gift of any size to help a pastor like Jeyapal give more!