“As long as God gives me life, I want to plant churches in the 30 villages I have ministered in. This is my goal.”

Reaching 30 villages. Where did the vision begin? And how is it being carried out? Through extraordinary circumstances, God is working in South India – in an unlikely way, and through unlikely people.

“When I was young, I hated my life and decided to commit suicide,” said Jeyapal.

But God had a different plan.

A local missionary intervened into this young man’s life just in time. Through the missionary’s encouragement, Jeyapal abandoned his suicide attempt, and began to pray. As he did, he shares, “I heard God saying, ‘follow Me.’ It was then that I believed and followed Him.”

From that point on, Jeyapal’s life radically changed.

He shares, “I heard God say, ‘Go into the villages. Share my love and tell others what I have done for you.’”

So Jeyapal began going into villages and sharing the Gospel. He told the people that he met, “Jesus is the one true God.”

In one village, where he was distributing tracts, he saw a bedridden man. His family said that doctors had given up on him. Jeyapal urged them, “Trust in God, he will not die.” When he prayed, the man was healed.

Once the miracle took place, the man’s wife started witnessing to others. As a result, Jeyapal began a prayer group, and started a children’s ministry in that village.

As he continues ministering in villages, he shares, “Our method is to go, share the Gospel, and pray for those who hear. Miracles happen and we start a prayer cell.”

Day after day, Jeyapal pursues the vision God gave him, saying, “I keep going forward. I ride my bike to 30 villages near me. Now there is a prayer cell in most of these places.”

As Pastor Jeyapal continues travelling to villages, he finds broken families, impoverished homes, and people living in great need. Serve India equips him to bring the hope of Christ to these people. He presses on in ministry, diligently bringing the Gospel to villages that have never heard of Jesus.

Jeyapal shares, “As long as God gives me life, I want to plant churches in the 30 villages I have ministered in. This is my goal.” 

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