Babu and Venkata are committed to giving their lives to spread the Gospel across India with Pastor Jeyapal.

Pastor Jeyapal smiled broadly. It had been a long day, but a good day. Together with two young men, he had just returned from another evangelism trip.

Passing out tracts. Praying for sick people. Sharing the Gospel with whomever they met.

Under the blistering South Indian sun, all day long, these two young men had pursued a vision alongside Pastor Jeyapal.

A vision to reach 30 villages with the Gospel.

This vision was enough to fuel them on to pursue another exhausting day of travel and service in the brutal desert heat. And at the end of the day, the smiles on Babu and Venkata’s young faces beautifully displayed the joy in their soul – the joy of the Gospel. The Gospel received. And the Gospel shared.

Looking back, that joy had not always been present in their young lives. Babu had struggled for years as a young man, seeking peace and hope in countless places. He was devout in his pursuit of purpose and meaning for his life through religion, but had never truly found God.

One day, he met Pastor Jeyapal. When Pastor Jeyapal shared about Jesus with him, Babu was skeptical, but curious. He responded, “If this is true, let me see for myself.”

Babu visited Pastor Jeyapal’s church. Upon entering, he felt a peace in his heart. He stayed for the service, and then returned the next week. And the next. And the next.

When Babu asked Jesus to come into his heart, he experienced a peace that he had never known before. He knew that this peace was not his to keep; it was his to give away.

As Pastor Jeyapal observed young Babu and Venkata’s amazing spiritual growth, he saw God answer a prayer – a prayer to raise up more missionaries.

He knew that his calling as a pastor was not just to pray for the sick, pass out tracts, and preach the Gospel. His calling as a pastor and a missionary included raising up more missionaries to reach more villages.

Not one village, and not just two. Thirty villages. Pastor Jeyapal, Babu, and Venkata – that’s their vision.

Today, Serve India pastors like Jeyapal are raising up missionaries in their churches. These missionaries, in turn, are spreading the Gospel across India. 

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