Across the nation of India, millions of people seek life....

Across the nation of India, millions of people seek life. But around them, in the disease-ridden urban slums, and the impoverished rural villages, death reigns. You can see it in the sad eyes of the Indian mother whose children are starving. You can see it in the hollow eyes of the drunkard father as he seeks satisfaction in an addiction. And you can see it in the hopeless eyes of young Indian children, when they realize that this death, which envelopes like a black cloud, is what life on earth has to offer them. To fill the gaping hole in their souls, they toil and strive, hoping to make their way to true life.

Because they don’t know that Christ is the only way…

For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself a ransom for all…” (I Timothy 2:5-6).

We know that the wages of sin is death. And we see death all around us. Every day, among all people, in every nation.

But now, death no longer has victory over everything. Because two thousand years ago, a perfect sacrifice was made. And this sacrifice, the sacrifice of the Son of God, satisfied the wrath of a holy God. Jesus went to a cross, taking on Himself the sin of the world, and through His sacrificial death, He conquered death.

Golgotha was dark. “It is finished…” It was dark, but it was not quiet. As the Lord of all creation breathed His last sigh, His creation groaned – amidst the pandemonium of that terrifying hour, a curtain tore. And with its tearing, the division that had been between God and man since the fall of creation, suddenly, miraculously, gloriously, no longer existed.

Yet, the Lord of creation was dead. His enemies celebrated; His followers mourned. And they put Him in a tomb. It looked as if the One Who claimed He was the Life, had been conquered by death…

But then, Christ arose. In a glorious burst of light, the Lord of all creation came forth from the tomb. It was Jesus, the Messiah. Jesus, Who conquered what no one else conquer, did what no one else could do, and offers what no other does.

Now sitting at the right hand of God the Father, this Jesus calls the nations to come to Him… to treasure the sacrifice He made on the cross…. to triumph in the victory of His resurrection.

To live in His life.

This is the Gospel. And Serve India pastors have a burning desire in their hearts to proclaim it to their entire nation. By God’s grace, they are doing it, every day. They are telling the people of India that Jesus died for them. They are telling the people of India that Jesus lives for them.

They are telling the people of India to lift their eyes above the misery of their slum, or the poverty of their village, and look to the God Who reigns on High. The God Who, through His death, burial, and resurrection, offers them what none other can offer – eternal life in paradise, not based upon their works, or their sacrifices, but upon Christ’s sacrifice for them.

Crown Him the Lord of life, Who triumphed o’er the grave,
Who rose victorious through the strife for those He came to save….
His glories now we sing, Who died and rose on high,
Who died eternal life to bring and lives that death may die!”
– Matthew Bridges, 1874

Bring “Life in Christ” to the nation of India