Watch Jeyapal’s story – a life transformed – 30 villages reached and 30 fellowships started.


You can help pastors like Jeyapal reach India today!


Jeyapal’s Ministry: An Overview

Partnering with Jeyapal

As Pastor Jeyapal travels to villages, he finds broken families, impoverished homes, and people living in great need. Serve India equips him to bring the hope of Christ to these people. He presses on in ministry, diligently bringing the Gospel to villages that have never heard of Jesus.

Our goal at Serve India Ministries is to “wash the feet” of native pastors. Whether it is monthly biblical training or a bicycle, we seek to give them tools and encouragement so that they can expand their ministries. Serve India wants to help pastors like Jeyapal as they seek to reach more villages.

Jeyapal ministers to villagers

Jeyapal's Village Ministry

Jeyapal rides his bike to 30 villages proclaiming the Gospel. He goes into a village, shares the Gospel, and prays for those who here. As God works, he is able to start a prayer cell.

A Church Planted

A Church Planted

This is a church planted by Jeyapal. There are now 100 believers in this congregation. Jeyapal preaches the word of God and this ministry is transforming this village.

A Church submerged in water

Believers Going Out

Jeyapal is training believers in his church to go to other villages and preach the Gospel. These young men are some of those he is discipling and mentoring for ministry.


You can help pastors like Jeyapal reach India today!