Note: Names have been changed.

“I am part of this community. I believe that the people here are important to God. He loves them. I don’t want to go anywhere else. The people who need help live here.”

Pastor Sumesh

Driven by a passion to help hurting people and bind up broken families, Pastor Sumesh is serving in the slum he has lived in since birth. As he walks through the alleys of his slum, he prays for peace, healing, and salvation. These are his people. And he has committed his life to bringing them to Christ.

Unreached People Groups
Reaching Their People

Reaching Their Own People

India is the home to over 400 different languages and a myriad of cultural traditions that are several millennia old. In the midst of such great diversity, it is difficult for an outsider to bring the gospel to a people group to which he is a foreigner.

At Serve India Ministries, our vision is to partner with national pastors. They are well-equipped to bring the Gospel to their people. They speak the local language, are familiar with the customs and traditions, and, most importantly, are passionate about bringing the Gospel to the people they love.

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