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There are more unreached people in India than in any other country on earth. Scattered across the mountains, deserts, villages and slums of India are Indian pastors who are working to help their communities. Almost all of them lack the training, resources and guidance necessary to really make a difference in the lives of hundreds of millions of unreached people in India. Serve India Ministries provides training and mentoring to equip these National Pastors and helps them to impact families, villages and regions from all backgrounds to know the hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ. The need is great, but the hope we can provide is eternal.

The Need

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There are tens of thousands of independent pastors serving in villages scattered all across India. They are from the areas where they are ministering so they know the culture and language of the people they are trying to reach, but they have little if any training, are not part of any network or association of churches, and have no outside ministry support. They are surrounded by hundreds of thousands of unreached villages. They need training, encouragement and tools to expand their ministries.

A leader trains the pastors


A Serve India leader invites 20 of these pastors (who live in an area, which we refer to as a “field”) to become a group and to form a network. Together they are trained, equipped and mentored to become pastors to their communities. They are each given a vision and a challenge to faithfully pastor their church and to go out and plant churches in five villages. Now they have the skills, support and vision needed to make a difference. The pastors meet with the leader monthly for Theological and leadership training, mentorship and guidance. And they grow in their vision to impact India with the Gospel.

Church Planted

Multiplied Ministry

Equipped by the seasoned leader, the National Pastors then share the training and discipleship they have received with others in their churches, and they each multiply their ministry by preaching the Gospel and making disciples in five nearby villages. The ministry of these 20 pastors is now multiplied so that 100 villages are being reached with the Gospel and 100 fellowships are being started. Each group of pastors will disciple and equip thousands of believers and will raise up many future leaders and church planters. Thousands of people’s lives are transformed and the movement grows as more and more people are saved and discipled.

The Importance of Leaders

Our leaders are at the heart of what we do at Serve India. They facilitate real change and growth among pastors who want to impact the lives of people with the Gospel. Through training and mentoring, the National Pastors are equipped, encouraged and inspired to reach out with the love and truth of Christ. They also learn valuable skills that can build families and communities. These pastors are then able to disciple and train others.

Each Serve India leader will oversee several fields, typically training between three and five groups of 20 pastors, and each pastor will be reaching out to five villages. That means that every leader will result in betweem 60 and 100 pastors being trained and between 300 and 500 fellowships being started. The result? Many thousands of disciples are made as the pastors travel village to village across the mission fields of India.

These leaders selflessly pour themselves into the lives of pastors who serve on the front lines of thousands of unreached villages. You can help send these leaders to train and equip National Pastors who will impact multitudes for eternity.

How You Can Help

A gift of $250 will help a leader train and equip 100 pastors for a month. A gift of $​125​ will help a leader train and equip 100 pastors for ​two weeks​.

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